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Remember, there’s more going on in the fight for choice than just Texas!

The Ohio abortion amendment to the budget is worse than it initially appears: as it is written, it will require women to undergo an abdominal ultrasound before they can be prescribed hormonal birth control. 

Basically, it views every prescription for birth control as a potential abortion. Line 260 reads:

no person shall perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman prior to determining if the unborn human individual the pregnant woman is carrying has a detectable fetal heartbeat.

This would not be a problem if they used the definition of pregnancy as an implanted embryo, since in that case a pregnancy test would easily confirm that the women who is getting prescribed birth control is not pregnant, so there is no danger of an (inadvertent) abortion. This is already par for the course when any responsible doctor prescribes birth control.

BUT line 244 states:

"Unborn human individual" means an individual organism of the species homo sapiens from fertilization until live birth.

This means that if a woman has a fertilized egg inside her that has not yet implanted, she is considered pregnant - even though that pregnancy is not detectable. Therefore, any action that would prevent a fertilized egg from implanting - including the inception of birth control - would be considered an abortion. The FDA states that hormonal birth control can, indeed, prevent implantation (though this is very rare and not proven; BC works by preventing ovulation in the first place but also thickens cervical mucus, so it is an extremely slim possibility.).

Basically this means that every time a doctor prescribes birth control, that would be considered a potential abortion since there is no way to prove that she is NOT pregnant So, the doctor has to perform an ultrasound as per the law in order to determine whether there is a detectable fetal heartbeat (even though they know already that a fertilized egg clearly has no heartbeat).

Yea, not okay. Not in the least. Expensive, unnecessary, and exists entirely to make it harder to get birth control (and to make it harder for smaller health clinics to prescribe it as ultrasound equipment is expensive)

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